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Solutions Atlanta is an Intensive Outpatient Program for adolescents and young adults with substance abuse problems, as well as their families. By providing a positive recovery support network for the young person and the family, it serves as a primary long term recovery experience for young people ages 14 - 22. They can live at home and remain in school and improve family life while participating in the Solutions program.

Whether or not your child is entering into treatment for the first time or coming home from residential/inpatient treatment this can be a difficult transition for the family. Frequently, returning to old places and old friends triggers a craving response which then can lead to relapse. Without ongoing support and structure, young people are especially vulnerable to these triggers.  The Solutions program allows young people to transition from a destructive lifestyle to a substance free lifestyle while living at home, remaining in school, and receiving long term treatment for alcohol & drug problems.

Families are a vital component of the recovery process for young people. Young people do much better in treatment when their parents are involved. For this reason the Solutions program offers ongoing family therapy as part of the recovery experience.

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